Sunday, November 20, 2011


For anyonw that is interested, I opened an email today and saw that there was a free Thanksgiving dessert cookbook available for download. If you are interested, here is the link:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ricotta and Fig Dip

What You Need

1 cup Ricotta Cheese
1/4 cup finely chopped dried figs, divided
2 Tbsp. thin fresh basil strips, divided
1 tsp. lemon zest
1/8 tsp. freshly ground black pepper, divided
1 tsp. honey
TRISCUIT Thin Crisps

Make It

COMBINE cheese, 2 Tbsp. figs, 1 Tbsp. basil, zest and dash pepper. Spread into 6- to 7-inch circle on serving plate.
TOP with remaining figs, basil, pepper and honey.
SERVE with crackers.
PAIRS well with a glass of Chardonnay. Please drink responsibly.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The simple pleasures

Today is Monday.  I do not feel like cooking, I do not feel like much of anything other than sitting on the sofa and watching TV.  So, lunch, well that was a throwback to childhood... chilli mac... and I cheated again with mac and cheese from a box and a can of chilli.  Dinner, that consisted of sitting on the sofa with some Walker's shortbread and a cup of decaf coffee.  Quite liberating to do whatever I wanted tonight! 

Have a wonderful day!
-The Princess

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My new Thanksgiving tradition

I found this last year while I was picking up some wine for a party.  I am obsessed with pumpkin and all of the other wonderful flavors of Fall, so there was no debate.  This was going to be mine! And, I got home, tasted it, went back to the store and purchased about 6 bottles or so and gave them as little gifts for Thanksgiving.  If you are entertaining this year, or going to some one's house, pick this up and bring it.  The price that I paid last year was between $8-10 and it is well worth it.  It is a sweet drink, very creamy.  Very close to the consistency of Bailey's Irish Cream or something else like that.  There is a lot of sugar.  In essence, this tastes like you are drinking a slice of pumpkin pie.... well without the graham cracker crust.  I took martini glasses last year, rimmed them with graham cracker crumbs (pour honey on a plate, touch the rim of the glass to the honey and then dip into the graham cracker crumbs), and added this 3 parts pumpkin liquor and 1 part Pinnacle Whipped flavored vodka.  It went over quite well.  Then when it got about that time to go Black Friday shopping, I made travel mugs of coffee and used this as the creamer for my friend that went.  (Of course she was not the one operating the vehicle) She told me it was a very nice way to make those Black Friday lines more entertaining.  

Shrimp and Farfalle--- you will look like a rockstar with company!

OK, so I had way to much coffee today and can not find myself ready to go to bed... or even near ready!  It is a bit too late for me to get in the kitchen and whip something up and blog about it, but I will tell you about my go to meal for unexpected company using things that you probably have around the house or apartment anyways.... well at least I do.  Now, this is a recipe that I will not take credit for... I got this from my old room mate, she made it for us one day and it is soemthing that I have used as a staple recipe.  My friends love it when I whip this up.  I have changed a few things from her version.

What you need:
Feta Cheese
Frozen shrimp (take the tails off)
Farfalle pasta
Parmesean or Asiago cheese
Olive Oil
Dried herbs (parsley, rosemary, thyme, whatever you have green in the pantry)

Boil and drain the pasta according to the instructions on the box
Take the shrimp (minus the tails) and toss them into the steaming hot pasta
add a bit of olive oil so that the pasta does not stick
put in some (depends on how much you like them) of the cheeses. 
Add your herbs
squeeze the juice of half a lemon

And, you have a meal that takes 7 minutes to make, will serve an entire family, and will get you compliments... I guarantee it! You look like a rock star, and you basically boiled some water! 

I have made this my own by adding lemon and Parmesan... because I like them, you can add what you want and this is as versatile as anything! I bet this would be awesome with some steamed broccoli or asparagus... or maybe try some cherub tomatoes in there.... the possibilities are endless!

Happy Eating
-The Princess

(I will add a picture the next time that I make it)

When you just can not make it to Starbucks...

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I need to go to the grocery store and I am absolutely not doing that today! I wanted a nice barista style coffee drink today and I just absolutely was not going to stand in line at Starbucks or pay $5 for a cup of coffee when I have enough coffee stuff at my house to open my own Starbucks!  I have heard of making feaux cafe Mochas using hot chocolate and coffee, but I have never tried it.  So, this morning I took two and a half heaping spoonfuls of my Ghiradelli hot chocolate powder and put them in a cup.  Picked out a K cup and poured it straight in there, and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.  Hubby woke up to that this morning, and he drank it.  Considering hubby is not the coffee fan at all, that says a lot!  But, I am not a chocolate fan, but I love white chocolate.  So, I figured I would try this with some white chocolate cocoa mix and voila.... magic!  Easy, peasy! Just take the packet, pour it in your cutest coffee cup and turn the keurig on.  Stir while the coffee is dripping into the cup and top with whipped cream if you want.  Amazing!
-The Princess

What can I do with some biscuits?

Usually on Sunday, I try and be a good wife.  I try and make a nice dinner for my husband that I have spent a large portion of the day cooking.  I try and make it something like Bree VanDeCamp or Martha Stewart.  However, this Sunday, I cheated.  His friend came over to watch football, and I spent most of the day in bed watching Lifetime or some equally femenine TV shows due to a foot injury.  So, the boys got some frozen chicken and Stove Top Stuffing for lunch... but I did put some dried cranberries in the stuffing because I could not stand to not doctor it up.  Fast forward to my creativity... the boys have left the house for a bit and I decided that I was hungry.  Not too much to choose from because I need to hit up the supermarket, but I did happen to come across a tube of Pillsbury biscuits in my fridge.  "Hmmmm, I wonder what will happen if I cook these in the waffle iron?" started floating through my head.  It's just me at this point, so why not?  If it is nasty, the dogs would be happy to have it.  So, I reach up in the cabinet and pull out my trusty waffle iron and plug it in to get warm.  While it is warming, I open the tube of biscuits and place them on a plate.  When the light turns off on the waffle iron, I know that it is hot so, I put one piece of dough in each area, close the lid and hope for the best.  All of the sudden my kitchen fills with the wonderful smell of waffles, and I am wondering how that happened.  I am not making waffles, I am just experimenting.  When the light indicated that the dough is fully cooked, I removed the hot "whatever these are"s out of the waffle iron and placed them on a plate.  I decided to taste one, and it actually did resemble a waffle in some sort.  I sprinkled with sugar and ate another as I cooked the rest of the tube.  I realize while cooking that next time I do this, I am going to make sure that I have some fresh berries and vanilla ice cream, as this would make a perfect shortcake to a strawberry shortcake!  I also reaoized how wonderful this would be for entertaining.  My guests will never think I threw some biscuits in the waffle iron for thirty something seconds and came out looking like a rock star.